After a period on which I focused more on work, I’ve decided I need to change a bit the blog. 9 months ago I’ve migrated my blog from DigitalOcean to Github Pages. DigitalOcean was great for me when I started my first droplet, but I wanted to experiment with other technologies. So I’ve migrated my blog to Github Pages and my email to Apple Mail.

But since I work a lot with CI/CD pipelines at work, I wanted to create an automated pipeline for my blog. And also wanted to switch from Jekyll to Hugo.

Now this blog is hosted in a Github repo, and uses Github Actions to trigger the deployment once it detects a commit. After the site is built, it fires a notification on a Telegram chat. Pretty simple, but what more to expect from a blog.

Hopefully with this change I will be more active on the blog, but let’s see what the future will bring us :)