How to change NTP server on HP 3PAR 7200c

Recently I had to add more NTP servers to a HP 3PAR 7200c storage. Here’s how I did it:

How to bypass Chrome error "Your connection is not private"

If you’re an IT professional that has to deal with old systems that have self-signed certificates you most probably had to add exceptions to your browser many times. Maybe even import those self-signed certificates locally.

How to quickly enable a low-resource webserver

Have you ever wanted to just start a Webserver in a second, for a quick and dirty task but didn’t want to install a full LAMP/LEMP stack? This is possible with the help of a python module and here it is in action:

How to create a SSL profile when you don't know the key passphrase

On F5 BigIP LTM you can create a SSL profile even if you don’t know the private key passphrase