How to bypass Chrome error "Your connection is not private"

If you’re an IT professional that has to deal with old systems that have self-signed certificates you most probably had to add exceptions to your browser many times. Maybe even import those self-signed certificates locally.

How to quickly enable a low-resource webserver

Have you ever wanted to just start a Webserver in a second, for a quick and dirty task but didn’t want to install a full LAMP/LEMP stack? This is possible with the help of a python module and here it is in action:

How to create a SSL profile when you don't know the key passphrase

On F5 BigIP LTM you can create a SSL profile even if you don’t know the private key passphrase

How to fix do-agent exited with a return code 100

So recently I’ve encountered the error in the subject. This came after 2 major changes (OS upgrade and PHP upgrade). So definitely it had to do with one of them. My money were on the first one. I’ve looked around on the internet and the only thing I could see was this old article that had no solution: